Likno Drop Down Menus Trees

Likno Drop Down Menus Trees 1.1.156

Powerful drop-down menu trees creation


Powerful Drop-Down Menu Trees creation!

Likno Drop-Down Menu Trees: Powerful cross-browser, platform-independent html tree control for your web pages, built on Javascript and DHTML. Use plenty of stylish themes to easily build html tree menus, AJAX tree menus, Javascript tree menus, CSS tree menus, collapsible trees, dynamic trees, expand trees, etc. Easily create and change the style of your web menu tree and even customize each item using a different icon and design!

* Cross-browser * Any number of CSS classes can be dynamically added and used or changed for different nodes or branches of the tree * Unlimited number of trees in the same page * Unlimited nodes and/or levels * Use the keyboard arrows to navigate * Double click or single click to expand/collapse a branch * Trees can be attached to any HTML element on the page * Support for multiple selection trees * Optional auto-collapse property (Microsoft Explorer style)

Likno Drop-Down Menu Trees - powerful html menu trees creation for webmasters.

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Likno Drop Down Menus Trees


Likno Drop Down Menus Trees 1.1.156

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  • by Anonymous

    Great Utility.
    This web utility makes the website unique with its variety of predefined funny drop down menu tre...   More